Don’t Look Too Far Ahead by Fifth Lucky Dragon


Artist Fifth Lucky Dragon blesses us with a new alternative pop whimsical tune called ‘Don’t look too far ahead, on the 27th of October from Indianapolis, US. Fifth Lucky Dragon is the project of Louis Impireiale who is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, and writer. His main inspirations come from artists like Glass Animals, 21 Pilots, and MGMT, and love to blend cutting-edge pop with introspective lyrics that make you go beyond the surface of matters. 

This song is for the overthinkers who don’t know how to live life spontaneously and feel worried when they have no plan, who are many of us! Take a chill pill and relax with this wonderful blend of happy tunes that also emboli your thinking. The overall sound of the song is cheerful, busy, and fun.

The soundscape is positive pop with a mellow melody. The pace is a medium beat and the musical arrangement is complex with a lot of drums, upbeat piano, bass sound effects, and harmonious bursts of continuous saxophones that is so sweet. There are also wind instruments and tunes that make a large part of the melody sound. The vocals are really sung from the heart with a clear emotive tone. You’ll love the fun and young spirit in this one!