Mango by Fifth Lucky Dragon


Indianapolis an electric pop artist Louis Imperiale has created an incredible project called “Fifth Lucky Dragon” that can blow off your bad vibes for the summer with his new release “Mango” which was out on the 21st of June, 2022 will catch the summer dances and hyper-active people, Louis is a multi-talented guy who produces his own music, a multi-instrumental, vocalist and writer which clearly shows his talents in this song he released.


The song “Mango” has the best nostalgic summer and uplifting vibes to it that get you addicted to the music and the song lyrics implies to as it has the simplest words you can listen to it clearly, this kind of song that you will listen to during pool/house parties, the song is about to put all your worries aside and to live your life for the moment and get “Mango Sugar High.” Listening to it reminds me of Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar High” which has an equal vibe that is immaculate from “Fifth Lucky Dragon” energy.

The whole theme of this song is all about the summer and mango themes, it refreshes your day with a cold splash in a hot day. A video was also, released a few days ago of Louis on a trampoline jumping off a trampoline with a mango robe on and necklace made of candy, it looks simply fun with the music video. 

“Mango” is the song of the season that will hype any of your parties, this song shows a dope quality of Louis’s music. “Fifth Lucky Dragon” has also, a lot of different music vibes that are close to “Glass Animals” that you can vibe to in a car ride with your friends.