Don’t tell me by Blair Djuna


Australian recording artist and singer/songwriter Blair Djuna starts the year off with an infectious indie pop single “Don’t tell me” that is sure to get your toes tapping. Having started off as a teenager writing music Derrick Attwood has come a long way since. He formed the pop duo “SEGANA” alongside Josh Paltoo in 2018 and then decided to launch his solo career under the stage name Blair Djuna in 2022 releasing three singles over the course of the year. “Don’t tell me” marks his fourth release and the first single of 2023.

 “Don’t tell me” is an upbeat, energetic, and catchy pop track that delves into the heartbreak and pain that comes with realizing that the love you thought you had was never really there. Blair’s expressive and flawless vocals add emotional depth to the track. The music is a perfect blend of synth plucks, ambient synths, and groovy bass lines that make you want to dance along. The upbeat drums and sing-along vocals make the song an unforgettable experience that showcases Blair’s songwriting and music production talent.

 “Don’t tell me” is a testament to Blair Djuna’s ability to create a distinct sound that combines self-reflective and heartfelt lyrics with groovy, upbeat music. The song is a perfect introduction to his music and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us in the future.