Fly Away by Atomic Bronco


Austin, Texas-based Indie/Alternative Rock project Atomic Bronco have just released their first single of 2023 and it’s a very dark and personal tune. Entitled “Fly Away”, the song is not in any way your typical alternative or indie tune.

The track begins with soft and acoustic guitars that give you the idea that this will be a positive or bright-sounding track. To my surprise, the soft percussion and bassline bring a darker and more brooding atmosphere that adds to the very intimate lyrics a sense of authenticity and being in touch with one’s emotions.

The chorus has the same slow pace and moody vibe as the verses, which means the listener will never be taken away from the mood that the song began with. I really want to have a chat with these guys about how they came up with this awesome track, to be honest.

The cherry on top for me was the bluesy/melodic clean guitar solo that plays before the song ends. With the vocals after it coming back breathy and emotional once again, I felt a sense of danger. It’s as if this song was written to be in the soundtrack of a movie with tragic events happening to the main character. I can’t think of it any other way than that.

All in all, this is not just a track I recommend for Indie or Alt fans, but I think everyone should give it a spin for how different and original it sounds.


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