Doorway by VISSIA


Doorway is the latest single by Canadian Alt-pop artist VISSIA. The song is accompanied by a music video that shows Vissia in a mixed fantasy world that’s part space sci-fi and part Western flick, and I truly enjoyed the artistic vision they had with it. From horseback riding in space to having a tea party with aliens, this video spares no grand and imaginative ideas and utilizes a green screen to make this Space-Western idea as accurate and as excellent as possible.

The song begins with vocals, synths, and drums, and shortly after the guitars, bass, and choirs join. The intro didn’t make me expect the song to have choir parts, but here we are. The choir parts feel as essential as the lead parts, especially during the chorus. As far as the instrumentation is concerned, this is a pop-rock song in every sense of the word; the drums hit hard, the bass lines are clear, and the vocals pack an energetic and uplifting power in them. What I loved the most is the overdriven lead guitar that they used sparingly and how its brief parts greatly add to the song and emphasize certain sections efficiently. 

All in all, this is a track that’s so unique and original you can’t group it with one subgenre or nuance…it’s pop, it’s rock, it’s alternative, and it’s none of them at the same time. The drumming pattern and the bass lines make you think it will get louder or heavier, but it follows a melodic arrangement instead, breaking everyone’s expectations and then exceeding them. If you were looking for a pop-friendly candidate for a chart-topping hit that’s not repetitive or similar to what radio stations and playlists usually include, this is the song for you.



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