Naked by Avi Kytes


On Avi Kytes’ latest single, we are presented with a cut of sheer soul that’s richly ornamented by interesting harmony, engaging melodies, intricate production, and honest, open lyrics that are delivered via a crystal clear performance. 

Based in London, Avi Kytes is a singer and a songwriter who is now on his second single of his upcoming studio album, titled ‘Sour Kisses & Goodbyes’. For this latest single, ‘Naked’ comes beautifully adorned, musically and lyrically. Featuring a dazzling vocal performance on his latest of four planned releases for his new chapter. Kytes’s sound comes across as intimate, seductive, and soulful, which all blend really well with the artist’s persona, displayed on cover arts and through his lyrical choices. 

On ‘Naked’, a sleepy soul pop stunner, Avi is exploring the need to communicate and merging it with our need for intimacy. Through smart words that are a product of an analytical mind, Kytes paints an easily accessible portrait of a protagonist that a lot of listeners would relate to. Through accessible words and accessible music, Kytes creates a soundscape that draws you in. Through a descending jazzy progression, pulsing rhythms that are imbued with a coastal feel that is then amplified by wailing synths in the background and waves of lush pads in the front. 

Through a beautiful production job, a singular vision that’s inspired by a personal vision, Kytes drives forward the song with an artistic fist of iron, giving us something sublime on ‘Naked’.