Doux Instants by Raynald Grenier


Quebec-based artist Raynald Grenier released a mesmerizing piano solo track ‘ Doux Instants’ that will fuse your heart, mind, and senses into beauty and appreciation of emotions. Dropped on the 21st of November, this song is a classical piece that is absolutely captivating with each note that is played to grace your ears. Raynald is inspired by artists such as Andrew Lloyd and John William and wishes to reach maximum impact of relaxation, connectivity, and rawness through his music. He believes that music is the remedy for all madness and sickness in the world. We expect a 2023 spring release and a new album in the fall of 2023 called ‘ The Christmas ballet.’

The song will fill you with highs and lows of emotions as you drift into the music with your whole soul. The soundscape is classical with a heavy focus on the piano only, the star of the track, and what it’s all about. The overall sound of the song is emotive, and dynamic and makes you feel like you are floating in wondrous realms. It feels like optimism laced with undertones of sadness somehow. The song is slow paced with the musical notes cascading over you as the piano plays. Melancholy hits a note and after, a happy one does. The transition from one segment through another happens with just a single keynote which is really amazing. Overall, this song feels like spring is finally coming after a long, harsh winter. 


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