The week-end remixes by MIRIAM LOVE


Miriam love does it again with an astounding collective collaboration album called ‘ The weekend remix’, which is too good to be true. Dropped on the 16th of November from Malibu, US, you’ve got yourself a full-on EDM experience of Miriam’s The Weekend song, in 10 different remixes by fabulous creatives from all around the globe. The album is a continuation of the original ‘ The weekend‘ remix with world-renowned French EDM producer Joachim Garravd and Leo Bensalem. Full of dance, good feels, and in many instances some darkness, this song is all about the idea of the weekend, not the days themselves. It’s about freedom, peace, fun, and sharing good times, I mean we wish the weekend was every day for 7 days a week! That’s what Miriam intended for us through this timeless album. 

Miriam wants people to feel how awesome life can be when you express gratitude for the good things in life no matter how mundane they seem. The inspiration for this song came to Miriam when she was during lockdown when she felt like everything wasn’t moving, almost stagnant. No connection to your social life or loved ones, a very unfamiliar and scary place to be. So Miriam wrote this song in honor of having these amazing experiences and things in our lives. The overall sound of the album is dynamic and rigorous and Carrie’s all sorts of tunes except melancholia! There’s sometimes an undertone of darkness in the tones of some remixes but in the end, the song is all about uplifting your spirits and just feeling everything.

The soundscapes are a wide range of EDM beats that will send you dancing or raving as soon as you hear them. Each song needs its own appreciation because of how different and unique it is. First of all, Miriam’s vocals are so beautiful and heighten your emotions and dopamine like crazy. Arkhazium’s remix is very techno, steady, and fast tempo. The music is very daunting with minimal distortions, sound effects, dark undertones, and echoing sounds. Timmy rise gives us a song that takes us from low to high frequency and starts with Miriam’s vocal sound effects. It’s highly intoxicating with great madness, and the best aspect of this song is the hard drops. There are Hi Hats sounds and a deep presence of Miriam’s vocals. You can see the stark difference between the two. Other songs have many experiences of deep bass effects, moving Melodie, usage of hihats, and clapping, some even entered the early 2010’s EDM vibes with dubsteppish music. Some are magical and mellow with harps sound effects, fun deep house vibes, beeping sound effects, and textured vocals. All in all, you will just get sucked into the music like never before, this album will just make you stay on repeat forever.