Drowning by Annie Anna

Nick Rodell

With her folky sound and smooth writing, singer/songwriter Annie Anna is back with her single Drowning. A “fierce portrayal of the suffocating experience of being under the control of another” as described by Annie, Drowning is one of those tunes that gets straight to your on-repeat playlist from the first listen, let me tell you more about it. 

Annie Anna opens Drowning softly with warm arpeggios and her soothing mellow vocals. Slowly and wisely Anna started adding subtle groovy layers to her flow, giving her sound a dynamic push while keeping her deep emotional essence alive. Drowning has a light dreamy sound with an extremely fluid structure, Annie Anna‘s melodies and vocal harmonies all go together with a simple powerful arrangement like a stream of melodies and genuine emotions that hits straight to the listeners’ hearts, creating a bond that’s not easily broken between them and the artist. Annie Anna‘s mix of acoustic and electric guitars created an atmospheric layer that reflected the song’s storytelling vibes and with the subtle keys and grooving percussions, a solid dynamic structure was slowly created with a catchy sound that made me play it over and over.

Drowning is a demonstration of Annie Anna‘s laid-back, chill writing and how she steers her elements to get to the desired feeling and channel the most perfect emotion. It shows her character and well-knowledge of her direction and sound. Looking forward to more from Annie Anna, keep on rocking. Cheers!