Jackie O Lake by Petra Jasmiina


At a certain point, everything around us and inside us might get very dark, and at such a time, we need someone or something to ignite a spark that can pull us out. Petra Jasmiina’s optimistic yet realistic anthem “Jackie O Lake” works as a fine lifeline made of ambition, satisfaction, and persistence.

“Jackie O Lake” is like a sonic autobiography of the Finnish-born and New York-based singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina. It’s poignant, smooth storytelling of how she left everything behind to follow her artistic passion and go to the city of dreams. It’s touching to know much about a person’s hopes and dreams through their music; however, what makes the song more soul-penetrating is how relatable it is to anyone who wants to go big and do what they live, sacrificing many things to get there, so if you haven’t reached your desired destination yet, Petra Jasmiina is telling you to “just wait, wait a little longer,” and you can’t doubt such an angelic voice! But if you did put your feet on the first steps, then you’ll feel the positive nostalgia in the song.

The soulful song is named after a reservoir in New York, and it matches the tune’s peaceful and breezy atmosphere best. Petra Jasmiina has an ethereal vocal line that sends a kind of assurance that every obstacle will pass someday. She sings sincerely, and you can sense how she believes in every lyric she’s singing through her light-hearted timbre. The instrumentation is mellow at first, giving the vocals all the light, then it progresses to a cinematic soundscape, with violinist Scott Tran playing a key role in that. The solo part is quite dreamy and bosting, and then the heat is all over the place.

There’s an obvious harmony between all the elements that makes the song appealing and heartfelt. The lyrics are like a painting that is being drawn in front of you, making you sit in front of the lake with serenity as your companion, and Petra Jasmiina’s voice is the gentle brush that’s making the painting with pleasure and a splash of pain, while the composition is adding the nuances here and there to make the painting authentically polished.

There is music that finds us, and there is music that we find ourselves in; “Jackie O Lake” below is both!



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