Drugs by RM Hendrix


With the trip-hop genre getting more and more saturated, the challenge here is pretty wild and for you to shine in a genre that has many big names, you have to have…mojo.

RM Hendrix is an artist that kicked down the proverbial door to the trip-hop genre and was just himself…he doesn’t sound like or feel like anyone, and anyone who listens to his music, he’ll reach the same conclusion in less than 1 minute.

Hendrix is based in Boston, USA and he has a point to make in his latest song “Drugs”.

It doesn’t talk about the drugs and pills that instantly come to mind…in fact, he talks about big pharma…the pharmaceutical big guys that are in control.

Hendrix does a couple of things differently that most of the artists sharing the same genre…he actually gives space to the music to breath, evolve and shine…instead of bombarding the audiences with long, neverending vocal flows…I feel like he’s an artist that would go for the saying ‘less is more’.

His music is chill with some kind of unique slowed down drum n bass beats and laid back vocals…an amazing contrast that really elevates the listening experience of his song “Drugs”.


Hendrix’s music would be a very welcome addition and would find itself at home in a playlist with Massive Attack and Portishead.


If you want to chill and kick back on a musical trip, go check out RM Hendrix’s latest single “Drugs”.

Wishing all the best to RM Hendrix, we can’t wait to experience what he has next in store for the audiences.


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