Salone by July


Ninth single from July is ‘Salone’, maintaining a streak of pulling off thoughtful and soulful R&B with his smooth croons and minimalistic approach, July stuns once again, continuing to up the ante for himself.


The London-based singer and songwriter July is following up the success of his latest single ‘Medicated’ with more of the same contemporary R&B goodness. This time the artist is raising the minimalism bar a notch. ‘Salone’ is a sensual ditty of silky R&B that makes use of July’s witty and inviting lyrics and his one-of-a-kind style of delivery. The solid backbone of the song, the tight and roomy beats, provide the song with a spine on which the minimalist flair is spun. Oozy melodic synths and breezy samples puff in the air beneath July’s sensational delivery in the cloudy and effervescent mix, making ‘Salone’ a truly cozy track to sit back and relax to.

‘Salone’ continues to prove July’s worth as one of the genres more active and hardworking up-and-coming talents. Continually improving his mixes, gaining more and more shape to his artistic identity, ‘Salone’ is a new highlight in July’s ever-growing catalog.



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