Dwaya by Najib Maftah


The Moroccan-born, France-based artist, Najib Maftah, along with his musical project, “Najib Maftah & Friends,” is ready to invade the Folk/Rock scene with their debut single, “Dwaya.”

“Dwaya” means “my remedy” in Arabic. Although the single conveys a heartbreaking and longing state in its touching lyrical content, its title can be considered what music meant for Najib Maftah, as he found it his solace when he traveled to France in 2001 to continue his studies.

This musical act offers an authentic sonic utopia in which each musician contributes their talent to create something both nostalgic and contemporary. With acoustic elements, they offer an endearing folk sound with soft touches of rock, colored by a balanced mix of eastern and western flairs.

Maftah founded “Najib Maftah & Friends” in 2019 with his best friend Mohamed M’Sahel on percussions and his cousin Camille Bellot on flute, later joined by Yosr El Karyouni on violin and Noemie Roisil on double bass.

The song starts off with a melodic intro that sounds both pleasant and dismal. The melancholy is given a gray tinge as Maftah’s vocals join the soulful instrumentation, but there is still a brilliant glimmer of hope. His homey tone brings a lighthearted effect to the wistful, yearning lyricism he’s singing.

Each component appears to be a piece of a dazzling puzzle that seems simple at first but soon requires a great deal of sensibility to complete the entire picture. The dexterity of melody, harmony, texture, vocal performance, and music video all deliver a captivating output and make one a fan of this emerging project and the prime musicianship it delivers. I’m surely eager for what’s next!


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