Easy by Flora


The latest single from UK-based singer-songwriter Flora is called ‘Easy’, and it is a very special Alt Folk/Alt Pop piece with clever lyrics about having a day full of inconveniences and small things that can get under your skin. The song has an accompanying music video showing Flora trying to mind her own business, but her surroundings and all the people around her won’t let that happen.

The song’s short (two and a half minutes) duration and well-written lyrics make an amazing delivery of both the meaning and the emotion behind it. Flora’s singing with the lower part of her chest register, with some layers used for dunning that take the lower and higher harmonies…I would’ve loved to see Flora’s recording studio and how she makes this stack of different sounds work together.

The industrial/electronic kind of beat and percussion that play behind it sound so modern and fresh. The only other artist I could think of that makes similar arrangements in her songs may be Billie Eilish, but believe me when I tell you Flora sounds a lot more mature and emotionally honest than Billie. I loved this song and added it to my pop favourites playlist, and in my non-humble and biased opinion, I think that you should do so too.


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