EP: Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I by Nick Marks


Have you ever felt like most people around you have a specific music genre that they like best while you have a diverse taste and like to listen to unrelated genres and artists with totally different musical flairs? Well, maybe your distinct taste is not very common, but it exists, and there are musicians who embrace that diversity. Musicians like Nick Marks juggle genres like a pro and marry them to give us his own original sound and atmosphere. The New York-based Australian artist just released his debut EP, “Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I,” where you get to be immersed in cinematic and orchestral flavors blending with jazztronica, lo-fi, neo-soul, hip-hop, and other hints in the magical fusion.


Nick Marks’ appealing synthesis of concert music and film scoring has weaved a phenomenon EP where you get to enjoy every nuance of the two realms. The fittingly titled “Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I” features four tracks and is the first in a three-part series, where the following parts, Vols. II and III, will be released in 2024. It’s an outstanding introduction to what Marks has under his belt. His authentic artistry isn’t something one witnesses every day. It’s an edgy and groovy journey, where every stop is structured with the layered sensitivities of jazz and electronica’s smooth integration.


The EP starts off epically with the two-part track “Prelude/Arc of Light.” The track’s prelude has a chill cinematic arrangement, which offers the film’s scoring feel. After a minute, the track progresses from a dark ambiance to a bright color palette. The orchestral composition is stellar; with this cosmic sound, you’ll be invited to both outer space and the dance floor.


Moving to “Dorongo” to enjoy the funky rhythms. A futuristic synth unlocks the journey’s next stop, where the flute, trumpet, and keys go wild together, the orchestra adds textures of sophistication to the spectacular unleashed wildness, and then all harmonize to end the track with a bang.


“Paradiso” opens warmly with a lush jazz divinity that soothes one’s soul. Once you surrender to the positively melodic vibe, an upbeat wave of joyous synth and passionate orchestra will gently hit you. It’s an intense listening experience that will take you up to cloud nine.


Wrapping up the EP with Marks’ debut single, “Ride the Dragon,” which draws a spiritual vibe at one time and sounds like a video game’s ost at another. Either way, it’s energizing. The flute, along with the orchestra, soars high, while the glowing synth and the spirited drumming add a hyper touch.

To fit the EP’s elated, genuine spirit, the artwork by renowned artist Cam “Quetzilla” Rousset is cinematic and chromatic, gathering both the electronica fiery sense and the jazz bluey sense.

This is the kind of music you need to listen to when you want to get hyped and enjoy tensity and lightness composed together through a bundle of elements tied seamlessly together. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout the 20-minute journey. Enjoy the euphoric ride!



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