Empty by DAMIEN


Electro-music fused with pop is a new trend but how about fusing those with an industrial theme? Sounds great right? Take all of these fusions and add some rock, and then you’ll get the perfect answer; DAMIEN.

DAMIEN from Ipswich offers a great fusion of multiple genres into one track touring around in themes, releasing “Empty” a single of his upcoming third album titled “‘Candidate For the Abyss” after the standouts of his two previous releases “Girl” and “Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.” And you can check the review of the second album on our website as well.

The track begins with intermittent whispering vocals sounding like low-key Marilyn Manson vocals then the vocals and dubstep drums hit the ears like a fierce monster that is swallowing any clubber might turn out in sight.

The fusion of industrial Rock/Pop emerges within the sounds of the industrial drums along with the Stylophone theme sounds in the background along with the raw robot-like vocals that engulfed the track with a little help from the dubstep beats and funky rhythm. 

Empty” resonates around the emotional side a lot of people bury and demolish within themselves, and how unnecessarily it is to be defensive every day of the week.

Take a listen to the track and tell us what you think.