How High by Natalie Clark


From a runner-up of NPC’s The Voice, ‘How High’ is a cheerful and airy pop tune that pays homage to a number of contemporaries, while maintaining a fresh and personal character that sets it apart and announces its singer as an up-and-coming voice that demands attention.

Natalie Clark, based in Los Angeles, is a Scottish indie pop singer who finished as runner-up on the infamous televised vocal competition show ‘The Voice’. A multi-million dollar TV production, The Voice’s competitors have to be trained and skilled to excel at their performances, and it’s easy to see and hear that Natalie Clark is just that. A capable singer, ‘How High’ is a pop tune in the truest sense of the word. With a demanding and melodic vocal melody, backed with beautiful harmonies, the layered is expertly executed and the vocal delivery is smooth and effortless. A vocalized melody chop in the pre-chorus strongly recalls Coldplay’s Chris Martin in its abruptness and energy-inducing flair. 

The composition is sweet and solid. Opting for a few familiar-sounding chord progressions makes the music soft on the ears and quite easy to digest. The vocal performance is powerful and delightful, and the production, the secret weapon, binds everything together in pristine clarity.

How High is a gorgeous pop tune that easily deserves a listen, and if you’re into colorful, cheerful pop, you’ll find it easy to add to your playlists, and you’ll start to sit and wait for more releases from Natalie Clark?


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