Enamor by Reue


With the reputation of being structured to move the body, electronic instrumentals face the challenge of having a meaningful connection with one’s feelings and thoughts. Reue has accepted the challenge and has so far demonstrated marvelous proofs of how EDM can be both danceable and touching.

Hailing from Texas, Ethan Reue Berdofe aka Reue, whose name has a pleasant pronunciation (roi-uh) to sound as tuneful as his resonating music, dropped “Enamor” in November to fit the coziness of the autumn, but it’s also a perfect match for hot, dynamic summers.

“Enamor” kicks off with an intro that sounds like an invitation to a ritual that, as it progresses, turns out to be a self-love embrace. Each layer is like unlocking a new door that takes you deeper into something: cosmic bonding, showering others with love, or getting closer to your authentic essence. 

The overall sound is, as the title suggests, warm yet pumping, just like the first sting of love. It keeps you on your toes from start to finish; you never know how it will progress, and it’s not as repetitive as many electronic numbers. Reue isn’t just aiming to be featured in parties and workout playlists; he creates profound sonic landscapes that entice you to make up your own storyline, finding yourself no longer running on the ground but rather on a fluffy cloud to a mysterious place. 

The bombastic composition of smarting synth, electrifying bassline and infectious beats offers a wrapped-in-grooves euphoria. How it slowly ends feels like the end of a magical, epic journey that your body and mind need to absorb. Throughout the song, you can hear how it was created with passion and executed to keep the listener physically and emotionally engaged and moved. 

After listening for the first time, you’ll be captivated by the six-minute “Enamor” of sophisticated momentums that deserve to be at the top of house music charts and your house playlist. 


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