Smile at Christmas by Eva No


Artist Eva No gives an unconventional holiday song called ‘Smile at Christmas’, but dont let the name fool you because you’re in for a surprising emotional override with this one! Released on the 18th of November, this tune is a commercial pop one coming from Stockholm, Sweden. Eva is a Swedish translator and songwriter who will debut in 2019. In her late teens she was a singer in a local band in northern Sweden. The song is available for you on all digital platforms, waiting for you to share with her a reflective and jolly vibe as Christmas approaches. The song is written by Eva Nordel and produced by Martin Klaman.

Christmas is about both remembering the past yet honoring it by moving forwad into the future. Reminding you of the power of memories, you will get lost in the deep, emotive and passionate voice and message of this christmas song. Mastering an uplifting and festive beat yet sorrowful lyrics about the past, the song is spectacular in all elements. The overall sound of the song is a big mash up between happiness and gloom. This really makes you feel how this song was carefully crafted with heart and soul. The musical arrangement is the typical christmas one with a cheerful soundscape rich in upbeat tones. With a slow intro, there is a lot of acoustic guitar, jingle bells, drums, cymbals and passion filled lyrics full of yearning and a drive to let go of what has been. Kick start the festivity with this thought provoking holiday charm.


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