Entangled by Minhy


After a successful career in industrial automotive design and then being a freelancer, designer/songwriter Minhy decided to push her boundaries and explore the world of songwriting and use her talents in expressing herself artistically.

Crafting her own melodies and words together creating her own world using her influences, Minhy released her debut single “Dead of The Night” and self-directed its music video winning a number of awards for it. On the 20th of May 2022, Minhy released her second single “Entangled” and we are going to dig deeper into it so, let’s go

Mixing dreamy ambient melodies with mellow emotional piano and chilling beats Minhy simply created “Entangled”. The most impressive thing about “Entangled” is the way Minhy is controlling the whole song’s melody and dynamics with her angelic voice.

She has full control and with simple alterations of her voice, she boosts the mood or slows it down. “Entangled” has a smooth flow although it has a number of escalations and progressions, everything is balanced and layered neatly in harmony and all tied together by Minhy’s vocal melody. It feels like she drew inspiration from classic R&B songs and mixed them with her electronic influences creating her own sound that I dig a lot.

“Entangled” is a chilling tune with lots of melodies and emotions bonded together by Minhy’s special delivery creating a multi-dimensional, multi-layered sonic experience. Its smooth flow makes it sound simple and enjoyable with a hooking chorus that sticks right in your mind. Looking forward to more, cheers!