Made To Last by Betty Harper


Betty Harper is a 19-year-old singer hailing from Wales. Other than having an angelic voice, she used to go on shows like “Wales Got Talent” and had her music featured on Welsh radio and in press releases. Recently, she released her new song “Made to Last” on Spotify and Youtube.

The first thing that grabs you from this song, “Made to Last,” is the piano throughout the song. The piano-playing articulates the notes in a rich and resonating way, and it’s melancholic in nature, though this is no sad song at all. The lyrics to this song are so deep, one lyric that really resonated with me is “I’ll always stay by your side.” My favorite part of the song is the vocals. The vocals are dulcet, lowkey angelic. They remind me of the likes of Adele and Alicia Keys, and in the chorus, when the violins entered, her voice amplified into an even more angelic tone. It is hard to believe that Betty is only 19 years old! 19 years old and this talented, I can’t imagine what she will do in the next 5-10 years.

In conclusion, I think Betty is on her way to becoming one of the big leagues! With these releases, we will definitely be hearing a lot more of her in the upcoming years, and this single is sure to put her on the map to stardom. Even Adele had very humble beginnings, and now she’s garnering hundreds of millions of listeners per single!