EP: Abstract Facts by The Numb Project


The Numb Project just released “Abstract Facts”, a mesmerizing EP with 4 instrumental tracks that will take you through different glitchy and hip-hop beat-infused soundscapes that are sure to fire up your musical instincts and trigger your imaginations to create alien worlds and trippy universes.

The first track is “Blind”…a unique fusion of hip hop, ambient and synthetic sounds of the future that acts as a gateway…a portal if you will, into an alien world…the beats are brilliantly groovy…the melodies and sounds are mesmerizing…and if you look at the album art while you listen to it, you’ll get that teleportation feeling into an alien world.

Going into the second track, “Cavitate”…the beat-driven, glitchy nature of the ambient elements of the track also joins forces with microtonal melodies to create a stunning experience of the complete unknown…

“Abstract Facts” the title song of the album is a surreal painting of punchy bass sounds and spacey pads…it has a slow-burning build-up, and with each addition of a new sound and effect it feels richer and richer…this track has a drop in the middle, falling into an even more ambient field…it felt like drifting into the vast darkness of space…


The fourth and final track is “Yield” and it starts with a unique sound…a bit edgy, but only to end up on a smooth musical transition and into a very melodic musical progression…the sonic elements in this track are very interesting, and are choreographed, creating a polyrhythmic feeling to the music…

“Abstract Facts” the EP is an achievement in sound work and design, with great subtle melodies and smooth beats…the whole experience is very hypnotically chill but has some drive in it through its hip hop and trappy glitch beats…

…a highly enjoyable and recommended ride, this one.

The Numb Project, we wish you all the best in the world, you definitely deserve it…and a lot more.

We can’t wait to hear what you come up with next.



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