Interview: HUNTER by Affentanz

Cyprian Hercka

For all electronic music lovers out there…one word for you today…Affentanz.

…we actually have the pleasure to have the awesome people behind Affentanz and we got to ask them a couple of questions and to get to know them better.

 So, without further ado…

  •  How about we start with an introduction?

AFFENTANZ is an Downtempo Electronica project by me, Martin Hillebrand. It started years ago and shows my love for weird electronic sounds, Vocoders, and dance Beats. I love to drown in the studio for hours and hours where I really forget about time. Besides AFFENTANZ, I am into TV and Film Scoring but with AFFENTANZ I can really go nuts.


  •  We heard your latest single “Hunter” and it is simply brilliant. How did it come about? What made you do this track?

Well, thank you but the first version was really boring. Our label did not want to release it so I talked to my Co-Producer Andy Haywire and we started to work on the Demo. We changed the Bass, we added the Rap, and all these great sounds. And when we were done we knew “this could be a Hit-Single”. HUNTER climbed the Top 10 of the DAC Charts – The German Alternative Charts. During the creation process, our art director Cyprian Hercka decided to create this stunning music video which can be found on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it, do it now.


  •  That sounds amazing, we’re definitely intrigued to watch it…so let me ask you this… question that might arise in the minds of your audience and our readers…what is “Affentanz”? What does it mean and how did you choose the name?

 AFFENTANZ is based on a strange fictive idea that a human being – me – crashed with a small plane on an unknown island in the Indonesian sea. There I lived for a few years with an ape tribe that represents “the missing link”. I learned about morals and their sight on society. And when I left the island and went back to civilization to preach what I have learned to the people in the world. AFFENTANZ is always about society.


  • Interesting!! And how does your latest song “Hunter” represent your music? How evolved is it compared to your other tracks?

 HUNTER is the next step in the AFFENTANZ universe. We develop from track to track. This time we played around with Rap Vocals that are done by Andy Haywire. We sent them through several plugins and even the original Vocals could have been released, but I wanted this “The Chemical Brothers”-feeling if you know what I mean. I am not stuck to the past but I love these guys from Manchester.


  • That’s insightful… So, how long have you been making music?

 I started at the age of 18 or 19 with my first Synthesizer, a Roland JD 800. And when I was in my twenties I signed my first record deal. I produced some German DJs as a ghost producer. I am into music for more than 30 years and I still love what I do.


  • That’s very inspiring! knowing what you want to do at a young age. Was it always electronic music? Did you have a different passion before that?

 My first love was Alternative Music like THE CURE, THE MISSION, or SISTERS OF MERCY. You see mostly dark music. Also, I really was into DEPECHE MODE. When I was in my thirties I discovered NINE INCH NAILS and that opened a totally new world to me. Guitars, Synths, and such a strength!


  • How did it feel when you saw your song “Safe Place” get into the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts)?

 SAFE PLACE is our first release from our upcoming album FOLLOW THEIR WORDS and we were so proud when we entered the charts. That was our first time with AFFENTANZ. I think we celebrated it with some Wine and Beer.


  • Having that kind of recognition is definitely a huge deal for you…but how about instant recognition from the audience? Did you get to play live before?

 We played live right before Covid-19 hit our world and we want to build on this. Ask your local promoter to book AFFENTANZ for your venue. We will come, for sure! I was a former member of the well-known Electro Punk Band XPQ-21 and we played all over Europe. Live is the best experience you can have as a musician or even as a producer to see how the crowd reacts to your songs.


  • Obviously, you’re doing amazing music, but what are your plans for the future, whether for playing live or releasing new stuff?

We plan to release a single every two months and play live during 2023. If you follow us on Instagram you can see what is coming up next. We try to keep our community informed. Visiting our Website from time to time really keeps you up to date in the AFFENTANZ universe.


  •  So one last question, for all the people out there who still didn’t hear your music, could you describe Affentanz’s music in one sentence?

 Sure, AFFENTANZ is deep and dark electronic music far below 127 beats per minute.


 Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure, we’re hooked on your music and would easily recommend it to any electronic music fan…or basically any music fan at all!

 We wish you all the best in life and can’t wait to hear more from you.


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