EP: Come 2 Terms by J-Luv Da Prince


Rapper and songwriter J-Luv Da Prince released a glistening EP filled with changing, emotive hip hop beats and flows called ‘Come 2 terms’ on the 24th of October from Cuero, US. J specializes in making lyrical storytelling through self-examination and comforting rhythmic poems. His first debut album was in 2009, with 15 projects released, until 2018 when J took a two-year and a half hiatus to think about what he was going to be creating after that. After a lot of contemplation J decided to keep his style, which is influenced by artists like Jodeci, R. Kelly, and Backstreet Boys. 

The first thing you’ll definitely feel after listening to the 3 tracks in the EP is how soft the whole sound of the music pieces is. You feel like the songs easily penetrate the walls of your heart and melt into your veins and you have no idea why. We can start by saying that the EP’s theme is about the betrayal of a friendship. This is from a direct experience from Luv. You can really feel the pain, anger, and frustration channeled in the vocals and music choices. 

The overall sound of the album is smooth, rhythmic, and intense. There is also a hint of an old-school vibe that stands out in the musical arrangements. The soundscapes are mostly slow R&B and faster hip hop, with a lot of juicy bass in tune with the smooth vocals and rapping,  and some piano and acoustic guitar for a more romantic feel. J sometimes sings so passionately in a heartfelt way and when he raps it’s hardcore anger that shakes your bones. 

The songs are a collection of difficult emotions that J Liv set out to release into the world to free his soul and to give us something we can emotionally connect to. Get this EP on for a smooth ride into deep emotions 


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