EP: Down For The Under (Nickelson Remixes) by Nickelson


It’s only fitting that a Kentucky native would be responsible for this meticulously crafted and hearty remix. Nickelson is a Louisville native musician and producer, and this is his remix for ‘Down for The Under’. A Kentucky Blues stomper that treads and rocks like a mammoth.

 Down for The Under is by JK Mabry and The Maybes. A relatively short Blues Rocker, with a slow tempo and a sizzling attitude. The points that are highlighted by the remixes are massive riffs and the tasteful incorporation of brass into them. The guitars are gigantic, and what the voice lacks in technical proficiency is more than made up for by the musical charisma of the behemoth riffs.

 Nickelson’s remixes, one with singing and another that’s an instrumental take, are vastly different from the original. The bountiful guitars that formed the harmonic base in the original have been replaced by deep, throbbing synth basses, and an expansive, airy pad. The sound is metallic and fragmented, but the vibes are chilling, mysterious, and consistently rhythmic, further augmented by the clacky percussion that ramps up in intensity at sections, before fizzling back down to an attention-demanding sparsity. The brass lines have been lovingly kept almost intact in the remixes. Shedding light, perhaps, on what Nickelson thought truly makes the identity of the song.

 A chill remix that stands at a widely different vantage point. And while the two views are, essentially, the same thing, they could not be further apart given their surroundings. Masterfully made and a deeply compelling listen. 


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