Superstardom by Dronningen


 Electro-rock Duo Dronningen based in London, UK, has released another pop rock banger of a song called ‘’Superstardom’’ on the 8th of October. Raucous and electric, this song is yet another powerful drop from the Italian band formed in 2014 in southeast London by Beatrice Bonnano who is the vocalist and guitarist, and Vito Cerasia, the lead guitarist. The band has 3 EPs released and has played in many festivals in countries including Sweden, France, and India. Dronningen has mentioned that some of its inspirational bands are  Royal Blood and Primal Scream.

As always, the song is dark and high in energy, casting shadows of irony and power in the lyrics and music. Superstardom is basically about self-sabotage, overcoming being your own enemy, and reaching a flourishing state without inhibitions. With every guitar, string struck, and drum beat, you feel like you’re growing so much mightiness from the vibe of the song. It is so gratifyingly headbanging with really cool and artistically played electric guitars and high-energy drums creating a jumpy melody and harmony. The song starts with an almost digital, spooky tune. There is a powerful guitar solo and the vocals are playful and harsh in a manner like she’s making fun of the situation she is talking about. This way of singing kicks up the track with a much more fun feeling. Notable sounds would be some dissonant humming of a tune in the background, and lyrics sung in the sound effect of listening to someone over the phone. 

Well-written, and full of energy, this song is something you’d want to go crazy over in a moshpit.


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