EP: Element 1 by MOLTENO

Simone Meissl and Laura Viana

It seems that MOLTENO decided to amaze our minds, with a mixture of pop and trip hop music accompanied by a wonderful sound performance, taking you out of this land, to swim in the rising music space in its surreal future touches, while you are here at the same time based on its realism, which makes you want more. .

Element 1 is the first of four designed to celebrate the elements of nature and the way they connect us. MOLTENO’s dream soundtracks begin to take shape in her bedroom studio, which was built with collaborators to fuse realism with surrealism. A new 5-track project, MOLTENO takes us on a dreamy journey from start to finish. Often described as an affinity for dream pop, alternative R&B and trip-hop rhythms, MOLTENO’s sound is a powerful blend of amazing ingredients, blended together to create something unique. 

MOLTENO’s heavenly voice leads us into a dark and dreamy lunar realm, caressing memories with clarity and discipline, braiding words with pearly wings to fly over changing life situations, exploring the positive and negative aspects of the element of fire, from its destructive power in Our house is on fire to the luminous power of Illuminate.

For example, Our house is on fire is a piece that isolates you by yourself and dances with it in great sadness. How words like this magically blended with Chillout’s music express an extremely hot mood.

Also try to listen carefully to Tripping Up and you’ll be amazed when you discover how trip-hop music with lyrics drive you toward nostalgia, trial and the subtle power of a guitar.


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