EP: Flying Low EP by Audio Analysts


Flying low is Audio Analysts latest EP, released on the 28th of October from Belfast, Ireland. The Eps genre is deep house, with three tracks, and remixes made by amazing players in the scene, Mica and Colin Dale. 

This EP is a small universe in celebration of the creativity and diversity in what art offers through its lens. The Ep starts with an original track, and the following 2 basically reworks of this track with extremely different outtakes and tastes that will certainly blow your mind away.  One of the most enriching experiences is to explore how different artists can use and reshape the same art piece, stretching and blending them in their own imprint. Audio analysts allow us to savor such a special event through this EP. 

The overall sound of the first track, ‘Original’, is a slow burn of excitement through the hard-hitting baseline that really moves you with each sudden transition. The song is a steady techno-like soundscape that doesn’t go high or low. The rhythm is a medium pace, but with so many sounds jumping you up in the beat, it feels like the song is fast. The melody is made with a fun bass sound effect, and there seems to be a desert-inspired female sound really making the song give off an enchanting and exotic ring to it. The musical arrangement is rich with a lot of sonic texture and a lot of smart playing with a blend of different synth percussions that are used to play up or down the hype of the song. There is something so 90s, and the melody is fun with bursts of industrial sounds and robot vocal effects. 

Crafted by a true talent in the scene, this remix is perfect for some mojitos by the pool. The rework by Colin Dale’s overall sound is much more relaxed because of the softness of the sounds used. The soundscape is dreamy synth-based with a much faster techno beat and minimal percussion usage. The song transitions with its drop right after the misty vocals. He takes the sound and applies a more chill house feel to it, with a very light bass at the back of the track. Bursts of a soft electronic echoing sound lead our ears with the beat, with the musical arrangement adding more taste with some clapping sound effects and fun xylophone sound effects. The last retake is Mica’s with a more mysterious and groovy feel with a sparkle of space synth magic and continuous light percussion. Removing the vocals from this mix, the soundscape is techno with much harder drums sound effects leading the beat and muffled cymbal sound effects. A different, daunting melody is introduced to this track, with stabs of wavey and vibrant sounds. A notable sound would be a kind of horn sound effect that creates a really cool and warm, melodic taste to the song. You can literally blast the song in this EP anywhere for any occasion with this dynamic collaboration!