Infinity by Caracol


Bilingual artist and songwriter Caracol released a soul-refreshing and minty Reggae drop, ‘Infinity’, on the 19th of September from Montreal, Canada. The song captures the hot essence of Montreal’s hot summer vibe. Caracol was recently nominated at the Canadian indie awards as the electronic artist of the year and toured in Africa and Europe as a headliner. She also has a steady foot in the publishing scene as she writes songs for other artists. A new album is anticipated in 2023, we can’t wait for how it will turn up! 

This song feels like a goblet of sun handed to you on a low, rainy day. It’s capable of transforming your mood to an optimistic and hopeful view of your day. This song is all about chasing your dreams and freedom. The overall sound of the song is a strong essence of carefree vibes, warmth, and shine. A cheerful hymn with a slow pace with its reggae African jungle soundscape, you can truly swing your hips and tap your feet to it. The musical arrangement is rich, with a lot of rhythm guitar and fun percussion instruments that lead the beat. The song has a prominent bass guitar riff and three different musical arrangements with the same sunny melody as the song shifts in pace. Typically, this makes the song shaped like water with so much flow and dynamics. Caracol and Mike clay make a beautiful duo singing together with smooth, clear vocals which they play with as they also hum the tune, adding an enormous amount of texture to an already full beat. Keep this on your list for a push of positivity!


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