EP: No Consequences by Milo Venus

Kalijah Rowe

Delicate music is such a delicate formula to execute. It’s hard to make music that’s soft and personal and still make it stand out, have power and stance, and show discernable character. Milo venus tries out her own twist on this formula with her latest EP release, No Consequences.

 The 19-year-old Seattle native is a sensual musician. Soft and delicate soundscapes are all over this release, along with sweet, personal lyrics. Even the moments that display more power than others still carry a distinct softness that pads the hit.

 SunnyDbobaT starts a trend of the minimal musical landscape, characterized by tickling synths and gentle guitar. It’s a sunny song with synth hits that sound like bird chirps, together with Milo’s soft words and delivery, and sparse guitar notes. The note starts with a dense, gritty, strummed electric guitar that’s a little bit on the hotter side, but is then directly neutralized by a pillowy layer of pads that softens the impact of the overdriven electric, and helps solidify a musical context to the personal story milo sings of. Crazy Boys, while not a departure from the already established style, is the first conventional, textbook, singer-songwriter tune. With a warm, strummed acoustic guitar, melancholic progressions, and brooding dark organs. IDKHTT continues along the melancholic path, with more introspective words and with the addition of thick sub-bass that adds a new layer of excitement and personality. Bridge The Gap is a beautifully written, minimal stunner. Dominated by silky, deep synth pads, soft singing, and beautiful, rich composition, it’s my personal favorite. Milo wraps things up with Little Nice. A sad and personal cut with throbbing bass and a flowing feel that makes the song a very easy one to love.

 No Consequences is a simple, humble album. While not overflowing with novel experiments, it certainly has more than enough character and intent to stand up for itself and make a statement. It was pleasant, short listen that whetted our appetites for what this young artist will make next. She’s currently working on some singles, and we can’t wait to have them on our table.  



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