EP: Staring at the Sun by Jason Heeter


Mixing his favorite genres with 15 years of music experience, American singer/songwriter Jason Heeter dropped his first EP Staring at the Sun on the 29th of April 2023. With tight arrangements and bright vibes, Staring at the Sun is the chill smooth record that you start your day with or end it listening to it with your favorite drink, let me tell you more about it.

Jason Heeter kickstarted Staring at the Sun with a classic country sound in Lazy Day. It has playful laid-back vocals and a smooth mellow groove with bright colorful melodies that instantly transmit warm chilling vibes. The multi-layered guitars added a dynamic twist to Heeter‘s sound while those smooth vocal harmonies laid another cozy engaging touch to his mix. The title track Staring at the Sun comes next with a sweet jazzy flow and Jason Heeter‘s signature heartwarming melodies. It opened with catchy guitar picking before the piano and cello steal the entire show. It has some of the most mood-adjusting piano work with warm deep bass, all in a subtle relaxing flow that put a wide smile on my face, sending it straight to my “morning drive” playlist. Building on the sound of its predecessor comes The Light. Flexing his dynamic writing, Heeter mixed Americana influences with his jazzy tendencies in a flowing light stream as he incorporates irresistible catchy harmonica licks in a laidback organic structure. Closing the EP on a heartfelt emotional note comes I Know You Rider. A deep, from-the-heart tune that shows Jason Heeter‘s seasoned writing skills through his arrangements, and his amazing meaningful guitar playing that takes all over the listener’s senses. He got me hooked with his powerful emotions that were easily channeled through his words and remarkably expressive voice. 

Staring at the Sun is a solid EP that says a lot about Jason Heeter‘s sound, songwriting, and musicianship. He managed to create a state of relaxation for his fans through his fluid atmospheric melodies, showing his amazing sense of melody and mood. Looking forward to more from Jason Heeter, keep on rocking man. Cheers!