Weather For Two Ft. Don Corleone, 17 Milez by Wiztom

New Dawn Music Group

In his single “Weather for Two,” the Nigerian solo artist Wiztom is showing us how affection and vibrance teamed up could offer exactly the fresh vibe everyone needs in a hot summer.

Wiztom knows how to craft a positive atmosphere with its lively, blended sound, sensational performance, and lyrics that are full of longing, passion, and a protective tone. The witty musician collaborates with Don Corleone and 17 Milez to present spirited Afrobeat rhythms. It’s all well-mashed together, and the textures are smooth; the vocals are soulful and fun at once, keeping up the same energy of the melody and conveying the sentiments in the lyrics; the African uplifting percussion with the electronic and contemporary pop elements all urge one to grab their beloved one and dance till they fall.

The song easily sticks in one’s head with its catchy chorus, infectious soundscapes, appealing musicality, and relatable theme. The single portrays sensual yearning, some butterflies leaving the stomach and spreading in the air, and some jealousy and threats from whoever would constitute a hindrance between the couple.

“Weather for Two” is the song you need to loosen a bit, express love genuinely, and get exposed to a skilled artist with bombastic Afrobeat sonic delight.



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