EP: Stuff Is Happening (Within a Beatdenker’s Day, Haha) by BEATDENKER


Usually, art, in any form, sparks from the artist’s soul…then, the artist starts to explore this spark, look at it, poke it, see what brightens it, takes this spark in their hands, and starts to shape it…maybe even further on they try to regulate it in some form with learning and discipline…which can be helpful but stifling on some creative level…and the hardest thing of all is to unlearn what confines you, let go and create with the utmost freedom…this is exactly what German artist Beatdenker did with his EP “Stuff Is Happening”.

“Stuff Is Happening” is the avante-garde result of one complete day of improvisational musical expression…

Beatdenker is an extremely talented and jazz-trained artist…yet he opted out of the system, taking the red pill and choosing to let go of all of his emotions and just let his talents loose…

Beatdenker is a composer, producer, finger-style drummer, looping artist and so much more…and he decided to just be a free musical soul for one day, with only his feelings guiding his musicality he created this experimental and deep EP “Stuff Is Happening”.

“Stuff Is Happening” is a free-flowing EP…the boundaries between tracks-or should we say musical ideas blurred…the concept here is focused on the unleashing of human emotions and putting them into musical form.

Beatdenker’s EP is 20 minutes of free-flowing musical improvisation with heavy elements of multi-layered electronica, through the use of synths, granulisers, many audio effects, his voice as an instrument/sound effects, his guitar, and his finger-style drum beats…all fused and mixed together, once again blurring boundaries between sound and emotion.

“Stuff Is Happening” is the kind of musical project that makes the audiences think of some higher level profound concepts…like what is freedom? How much is time? What’s the meaning of life? 

Even Though this piece of art doesn’t answer these questions, yet, by giving us this space where we can go with our minds to these deep places and ask these profound questions, this is the goal…the answer will always be within ourselves, subjective from one to another…life, happiness and loss means different things to different people…and Beatdenker takes us to that place of deep thinking and answer pursuing, where the rest is up to us.

Such a wonderful musical experiment, “Stuff Is Happening” makes you think through heavy experimentation and boundary-breaking…and that is profound.

Wishing all the best to Beatdenker, we would love to experience more of his musical expressions and go to that place of emotional and mindful meditative state.

If you’re a musical explorer, make sure to check out Beatdenker’s “Stuff Is Happening”…it’s a journey.





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