Innocent Sinner by H. ELDRITCH


The massive talent of h. eldritch returns with a brand new show-stopping single. ‘Innocent Sinner’ is a song that excels on so many fronts, chief among which is how extremely standout it is.

 Based in London, h. eldritch is the musical project for artist and producer Harry Houseago. Houseago somehow evades every single attempt to be pigeonholed into a genre. Just listening to ‘Innocent Sinner’ had me lost trying to categorize what I was listening to. The man himself defines his music as “existing on the fringes of indie-folk, dirty electronica, and arena rock”, but we know there is more to the story.

 The acoustic tendencies of ‘Innocent Sinner’, and the intricate performance call to mind some of the greater alternative acts from the nineties. Early Alice in Chains comes to mind, especially as we soak in Houseago’s aggressive, controlled vocals, and Soundgarden is summoned via the nuanced composition and songcraft, as well as the unusual chords and off-kilter tonalities. Regardless of what comparisons we might pull, there can be no denying that the modern sound of h. eldritch is deeply fresh, and the crisp production and impactful mix sound wonderfully stand out and unique.

 ‘Innocent Sinner’ is a wholly engulfing experience that is executed to extremely high standards. Harry Houseago flexes his multiple talents, effortlessly giving us one of the year’s latter half’s more entertaining and memorable singles so far.





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