EP: The Formless Track Club Mixes by Arman Ray + Hyon Gak


This brand new EP from Arman Ray and Hyon Gak is composed of a collection of hypnotizing techno tracks that follow a specific formula of using spliced, entrancing beats, chill samples, and spoken zen poetry for a result that’s equally soothing to the mind for meditation, and hot enough for the dancefloor.

Based in Kingswinford in the United Kingdom, Arman Ray is a producer, and this compilation EP comes as a companion release for his 2022 full-length release, The Formless Track. The EP consists of five lengthy remixes of pieces from the original album. Those remixes are pure techno in their current guise, shedding their former costumes of Buddhist prayer pieces in favor of another one that’s far more pumping and enthralling, and far more suitable for clubs and dancefloors. 

There is no understating the beautiful production of those pieces. Contrasting the more bare-bones approach of the original album, which focused the attention on the spoken word, for a new direction that makes use of airy pad sounds, pumping, driving beats, and a generally more dynamic and approachable sound. The spoken word lessons remain mostly intact, offering precious insight into the Buddhist state of mind while remaining universally accessible and viable, the sparse lyrical content on this companion EP manages to be enriching and rhythmic, thus adding value to the music and injecting the beautiful instrumentals with a sense of purpose.

This EP of remixes from Arman Ray and Hyon Gak is a lush and driving one. Full of interesting sounds and words. The five songs manage to be effortlessly balanced between electronic music majesty and spoken word wisdom. It is rewarding and unique to listen.


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