Anna by Ilan Bell


Shining out of New York, USA, Indie singer/songwriter Ilan Bell has finally released his second single “Anna” to widespread acclaim, and if you still haven’t listened to it, now’s the time, as Ilan is preparing to release his debut album “American Love”.

“Anna” will be included in “American Love” actually…and the album looks like it will be on fire.

Ilan has joined forces with the Grammy award-winning producer Paul Falcone on “American Love”, Paul is an extremely established producer with a long history in the business, he worked with JayZ, Beyonce, Tom Odell, and many more.

“American Love” is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated albums coming from an indie artist for quite some time.

For the time being, till we get the second album, we have Ilan’s latest single “Anna”….which is exactly at the right place, at the right time.

Ilan has tapped into his personal life, and delved deep to write “Anna”…

The song talks about how in life we find someone, meet, get to know each other…and lose that someone…and everything in between, all the emotions and feelings.

The song is a heartfelt story, with strong indie/alternative vibes…the kind of vibe that might take us to Oasis….guitars are in focus, and drum beats drive the pace of the song, smoothly and steadily.

Ilan’s vocals are exceptionally smooth, his performance is a big part of the whole experience too. Ilan is giving us a performance to be remembered…it’s not that often that we have artists recording their performance this transparently…it feels like we’re with him in the studio, while he’s telling us his story.

On the other side, the music is crafted meticulously, with the highest levels of production quality…

The instrumentation is on point, and the choice of sounds goes perfectly with Ilan’s vocals and lyrics…

The whole song is extremely polished, the mixing and mastering are of course among the highest levels of production, and the collaboration between Ilan and Paul is already bearing fruits…with the talent of Ilan and Paul’s experience, I believe this project will not be the last one, this collaboration is special and if it continues on, it will make bigger splashes…I am a fan of this dynamic duo.

Ilan’s first single “Through it All” also garnered huge success everywhere, literally.

It was featured in dozens and dozens of articles, brought in over 1,500 playlists on Spotify, and got more than 10,000 monthly listeners…this success got Ilan in many magazines including Illustrate Magazine, Mesmerized, Sistra, and many more.

Ilan’s success has taken the music world by storm, a very well-deserved storm…and there will be more, I’m sure of it…if this is how he’s introducing himself, with such timeless songs, then we’re in for a treat.

Ilan, we wish you all the best in the world, you’re awesome.




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