EP: Wedi Codi by CI GOFOD


All the way from Bridgend, Wales comes the Soul-infused disco-funk artist “Ci Gofod”…and he’s here to release his brand new debut EP “Wedi Codi”…which is in Cyrum, the Welsh language and after trying to translate it in Google I found out that it means “To Rise”…which is exactly what Gofod is doing here…he’s rising through the Welsh musical scene…and if he plays his cards right and continues with this attitude, he’ll find himself among the best in no time.

“Wedi Codi” is Gofod’s first EP and it contains 5 musical and lyrical adventures, 5 songs to take you from wherever you are in the world and into Gofod’s world that he crafted for us to experience.

At its core…“Wedi Codi” is a funk-unfused disco record that both takes you to the past but with a futuristic twist…it’s both classic and modern…

The album is composed by Gofod in his home studio and when playing live, he’s joined by his band members consisting of Josh David Read (keys, guitar, vox), Lloyd Bastian (guitar, vox), Quillian Thomas (bass), and Josh Cox (drums).

…the album starts out with the album title track “Wedi Codi”…a disco-sounding and feeling song…

…ah…and let me tell you something very interesting, “Wedi Codi” is written in Cyrum, the Welsh language, so the names of the songs might look extra unique.

As we said, “Wedi Codi” means something like “To Rise” and this is also the first track of the album, so we’re warming up…

With the funky guitar strumming, saxophone, and steady drum beat…even from a music composition point of view…everything is taking us back in time to the 80s…and everything sounds authentic…it also has a lot of soul mixed in…it’s a chill, laid back track…a hot chill and laid back track.

There’s another chill track that has strong love-making vibes going on for it…”Amser”, is super chill…and it’s just 51 seconds, so you literally won’t be able to get enough of it…

“Ysbrydoliaeth” is also an upbeat and energetic funk/soul/disco song…basically, if you’re into daft punk’s funky direction, you’ll be instantly hooked to Gofod’s album “Wedi Codi”.

“Wedi Codi” has a mix of different emotions and energy levels within the walls of its album, you have energetic songs…chill songs…so basically you have everything, whatever feeling you’re looking to feel, you’ll find it here.

This is a highly recommended album…and the Welsh language makes it even more intriguing and unique…

Ci Gofod’s singles have been featured on BBC Introducing with Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru Playlist, and Aled Hugh’s BBC Radio Cymru and Featured Live at The BBC 6 Music Fringe Festival when it featured in The Moon Club, Cardiff.

We wish Ci Gofod all the best in the world, he’s amazing and he’s making amazing music…

Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.


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