Sunshine by 5ON5


Berlin-based 5ON5 is at it once again, creating another anthemic song…this time they are releasing their latest single “Sunshine”…an upbeat melodic musical adventure…let’s see how it’s boosting our energy levels and making our day much better.

Even before releasing “Sunshine”, the four-piece band was already included in the Top 250 on German Radio Airplay and Top 30 College Radio Charts… after “Sunshine” they are even aiming for higher goals to achieve.

The song starts out with lots of energy…and 5ON5, these guys…they don’t lose steam…they go all the way, onwards and forward.

“Sunshine” is an energetic adventure…and it takes you by storm.

The song starts out with full musical power…

With very strong anthemic melodies, “Sunshine” really hits the bullseye of catchy melodic songs.

It starts out with a catchy vocal “oh, oh” and it continues throughout the song, keeping us glued to the melodies…along with the upbeat and fast drum beat that takes you back to the 80s…you feel like falling in a very tight musical groove upheld by the 808 acting as a locomotive to the whole song…and where everything fits just right together.

“Sunshine” is 5ON5 entering the next level of musical production also, the song sounds excellent in all of the sonic aspects…and feels great too in all the emotional aspects too…and that is 5ON5’s edge…they always feel right, they make us feel right…they can get the emotions out of us and into the world through their art.

We wish 5ON5 all the best, their star is shining brighter every passing day…can’t wait to see what they have next for us.


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