Éther by LA BICHE


There are basically 12 musical notes…and that is a concept that really blows the mind when you really get to grab with it…all of what we’ve been hearing in our human lives till now has been based on these 12 notes, with varying speeds, octaves, rhythms, timbres…this is why music will always be a fascinating and a magical topic…and this is also why it’s rare to hear new musical innovators, but luckily…we’re listening to the French artist La Biche…and she managed to create a new musical feeling for the world to experience, through her latest single “Éther”.

“Éther” is a very moody electro-pop song that focuses on making the most out of music, through feelings…the song is 3 minutes and 42 seconds, and every second counts…because every second is filled with emotions.

Emotions here are coming through the vocals, music, and instrumentation…

The electronic instrument sounds here present themselves in a new light, playing sparingly, elevating the emotional hit of the notes…even the beats play in a way that’s not always there…the absence of beat and music is what really makes “Éther” really shine brightly.

“Éther” is a minimal and chic song…it’s laid back, full of emotive vocals and very unique sounds…the many vocal layers present here elevate the experience so high, absolutely stunning.

La Biche manages to make a unique and sometimes avante-garde song that captures the hearts and ears of almost any music listener out there…and we can’t wait to hear more of what La Biche has…

Wishing La Biche all the best in the world.


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