EVASIONS by Adik Angel


“Evasions” by Adik Angel Is Where Electronica Meets Classical

Artist Adik Angel released a new alternative EDM album “Evasions” with an opening track of the same title on the 30th of January from Switzerland.

Adik Angel is a classically trained pianist and composer who fell in love with electronic music and styles like electronica, hip-hop, and house. Since the young age of 12, she had been trained in classical piano and went on to study classical music academically, which has shaped her to be a unique and influentially-diversified musician.

Most of Adik Angel’s pictures have her holding a keytar in them, and it seems like the instrument which she creatively identifies the most, and in my humble opinion, the keytar is one of the coolest instruments to be performed live, especially when it comes to electronic music.

There is another picture of her in front of a massive euro synth rack, of which I can’t even begin to comprehend the inner workings! It looks like the control deck of a freaking spaceship!

The title track of this amazing artist’s new album is ethereal, with lush pads and synths, melodic leads, and a groovy dancing bass. The melodic lines are haunting, and while simple, are sound designed in a way that captures the imagination.

The classical influence on Adik Angel shows in the simple melodies that are backed by effective and deliberate harmonies on “Evasions” and how she can make simple sound beautiful.