Every Body by The Drunk Astronomer


Originally publicized for as a half-joke, a song that was spurred by a fit of humor inspired by The Drunk Astronomer’s previous training as a physiotherapist. Every Body turns out to be a stunning piece of dream pop that’s as haunting as it is quirky and beautifully put together.

Nathan Fox, an Englishman who goes by the moniker The Drunk Astronomer, is a part-time musician, and part-time father of 2 sons. Every Body is taken from his debut EP ‘Octopi’, set to release in February 2023. Nathan took a lengthy break from music and pursued training in Physiotherapy. While sitting with his guitar one evening, he says he started spewing all those anatomical facts, and it spontaneously turned into a song, and the rest is history.

Meant to be, Every Body is inspired, one of those songs just floating in the air we breathe, looking for human vessels to give them shape and color, and Nathan was its vessel. The simple, “ridiculous” lyrics are funny, and educational too if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s the outstanding arrangement, the haunting composition, and the gentle, soaring delivery that duly set this song apart, make me actually tense in wait for Octopi to drop, I’ll be in the front rows. Every Body is a colorful, masterfully produced piece of dream pop. Traditionally dream pop, the vocals are warm and accessible, layered and rich, playing a tasteful supporting role to the entire mechanism of the song.

The composition is also accessible. Gentle, serenading, and optimistic, the music is as celebratory as the lyrics that celebrate the grandiosity of the wonderful, complex systems that are our human bodies. But it’s ultimately the truly epic production that puts every element exactly where it belongs that steals the whole show, then proceeds to add value with the countless stutters and sputters of all the fleeting, untouchable sound effects, fluttering all over the place. Sublime.

Every Body is exactly my cup of tea. Quirky lyrics, drenched in humor, and a musical content that’s lush and rich, where every element is exactly where it should be to deliver and bolster an atmosphere that’s gentle and encompassing, and very, very warm. The video is very nice and the effort to make it is really apparent. I can’t wait for this song to drop, it will be on all my playlists, and I’ll be waiting for the EP too. The Drunk Astronomer has just gained a new fan.