Live You by AlanP


Emerging artist AlanP releases a banger called ‘Live you”, an electronic pop song from Lyon, France on the 4th of October. Alan joined a music training center for a period of time after not giving up and standing against his parents refusal to pursue a musical career. He is inclined to electronic, drum and bass, and dubstep sounds. He is also heavily inspired by Avicci, and has an upcoming album and we’re truly excited for the kickstart of his journey. 

The song talks about breakups which really shows the somehow chaotic and overwhelming feeling we get from the beat used. The overall sound of the song is young, kind of sad, and a little bit upbeat. The mix is very entertaining, and the soundscape is kind of pop which creates an upbeat undertone. The song is also very bold and melodic with the tune, and there is a lot of fixation on drums play.

There are also heavily processed vocals that sound inhumane telling us the sad story. Although the song takes a single course of a very fast pace with no transitions to keep the song a little mysterious, the high energy of the song is very infectious. We would imagine it perfect for radio shows, stores, and advertisements. There is more to come from Alan, it’s only the beginning so stay tuned!