Eyes Wide Shut by P. Lan


Hip Hop artist P. Lan based in Orlando, US, drops a bomb on the hip hop scene with his new single ‘ Eyes wide shut’, released on the 8th of November in 2022. You will soar high in the sky with some black unicorns with this contrasting song, because of the dark topic and the fun, bubbly, and chill beat made for it. What’s better than sometimes just unwinding to a song that is both heavy and expressive that will leave you feeling okay anyway. This song is the first single from his EP ‘connected’. Some of P.lan’s musical inspirations include Mac Miller, Tame Impala, and Radiohead. P.lan  started making music seriously after Mac Miller died in 2018, which totally makes sense because his music resonates deeply with Miller’s unique hip-hop style. Parker Lander is the vocalist, producer, and songwriter of his music. 

It’s a groovy and chill daytime with this song from P.lan, who skillfully delivers a heavy topic in a very light and easily consumable way, and we think that he put some magic potion in the song that made us get hooked like crazy. Is it the laid-back vibe? Or the interesting storyline? Or the catchy bassline? We may never know, it’s just the whole vibe. The song talks about an unhealthy relationship that is full of agendas and manipulation, which we all know or have been through somehow. The overall sound of the song is a hazy, magical, and cool ride to chill land. The musical arrangement is brilliant with high-quality production and funky thoughtfulness in the music. You’ve got a hardcore grocery bassline so special and prominent in the song, making up a huge part of the laid-back, medium-paced melody. You’ve got chill, even lofi hip hop vibes that are great for morning or afternoon relaxation with gentle reflections of oneself. The song is the perfect balance of deep and fun which is really rare. They’ve got subtle and sometimes harder drums and cymbals, a mind-blowing saxophone solo, and subtle, sexy electric guitar sound effects backing up the beat. The vocals are playful and nonchalant. P.kan must make more of this blissful music.