Genius by Danny B The AirHead


Artist Danny B the airhead released a song that is like blazing fire all the way from Essex, UK, called ‘Genius’ on the 3rd of March. Words can’t describe how good this song is from every little aspect to the big. It’s a beautifully crafted hip-hop song, a striking mix between rap, Afro-pop, and dancehall. This song was inspired by NSG’s ‘options’ produced by Jae5, and his vocals were inspired by artists like Beenie and Shaggy. The song’s production is so fierce you won’t believe it was recorded in the comfort of his bedroom. Danny could take as much space as he needs boasting about himself because his lyrics are just pure talent. Danny is 26 years old and is a recording artist and producer, making his music from scratch, with completely original vibes.

Genius is a song that will elevate your mood instantly. You will want to dance and feel yourself to the maximum. The song’s overall sound is spicy, full of heat, smooth, and deadass badass. With so much confidence, Danny is radiant with his lyrics and vocals as he explains how he has high self-esteem and believes in his capabilities. With a sophisticated tone in this dancehall rap palette, the musical arrangement is just amazing and dynamic, you will just want more and more. You’ve got a medical paced, dance hall soundscape with tropical feels and percussion, intense and touch piano giving the edginess that is needed with the vibe, with a softer piano at the back creating a fun and juicy melody and texture, a hardcore bass, and lots of sexiness. The song is unbelievably smooth and the rhymes are really good. There are also subtle saxophone vibes. This song is just highly addictive and has a much-needed fresh sound.