Fav Flavor by Amanda Holley


It can be quite difficult to know what to do with a talent you have. Amanda Holley is a Newark native songstress. And she’s here with her latest single, ‘Fav Flavor’.

Amanda certainly possesses talent. She has a golden larynx that soars all across five octaves of pure rich and controlled vocal goodness. She has also teamed up with the Grammy award-winning vocal producer RichRoyce on… well, vocal production, and with producer OhKayLaws. She also seeked inspiration from her deep-down passion for love and music to come up with the words and the melodies for this single. 

I can’t, with certainty, though, put my hand on that melody. The song is full to the brim with vocal lines that seemingly compete to reach the highest note in a race that’s dizzying at points, and the honestly gorgeous vocal production stands helpless in the face of this race to the last breath. The instrumentation, too, is polished and sophisticated but buried far beneath the layers of vocals on what can either be a production blunder, or just a bad choice.

Amanda’s voice is astonishingly powerful and sweet. Her words and her passion flow right out with considerable ease. But with a production that’s simply lost and a melody that fails to stay on any stable grounds, this is a listen that’s unsatisfying. Stay on the lookout for Amanda’s massive talent, hopefully with more harmonious songwriting and with a production that truly allows her to shine and steal the show, as she ought to be doing.


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