IDK by Proklaim


An artist “Alexander Kiremire” based in Namibia, who goes by the name “Proklaim,” always had been into hip hop and rap at an early age and was influenced by great artists like Jay Z, Eminem, Tupac, The Wutang  Clam… etc., “Proklaim” is sending out truthful messages through his new single release called “IDK” that was on the 28th of July, 2022.

He raps with total confidence and his lyrics flow through your ears with immense power that cultivates deep meanings that Alexander wishes to connect to his listeners through it. The track starts with a catchy melody and then comes to a rhythmic beat that is synchronized with the melodies that carry the lyrical vibes of what he raps. 

It seems that he got all the words in one breath, “Proklaim” has a great and powerful meaning that he has written in his words that makes sense to what we’re going through at the moment and our everyday life experiences we face.

This piece gives you awesome strength to your day and motivates you to get through any hardships that get you thinking and predict the next move, the hip hop beats to it are so mesmerizing and moving that is perfect for your workout and the words that come out of it will hype you up more.


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