Fire Lighter by Mary in the Mirror


After the success of her single “Pain” released back in August, Marry in the Mirror released her 5th and latest single “Fire Lighter” on the 23rd of November.

Mary in the mirror is a soulful alternative singer/songwriter from Bristol, England, who started her musical career in 2021. In 2016 Mary had a terrible health issue affecting her ability to walk. With determination and her music, she overcame these hard times. That influenced Mary to write poetic, honest, and encouraging lyrics about her past experiences and hardships in life, creating a unique connection with her fans.

Mary describes the song as a love song with a twist. “It’s slightly obsessive to want someone who knows you exist but you’re hanging onto the feeling that they might be looking for love when you don’t really know it,” said Mary. The bouncy beat starts the song offsetting a hip-hop groove, accompanied by a siren, ambient pads, and a gnarly 808’s bouncing up and down adding a drill vibe to the environment. As Mary’s expressive and soulful vocals kick in, the atmosphere is mysterious and lucid, with an emotional edge. The song takes on a different vibe as it reaches the outro. Thanks to Sirreal’s rap verse backed by catchy bouncy 808s and atmospheric E.Piano lead line.