Album: Protagonist by Temperature Falls

Ian J Ward

Norwegian electronic duo Temperature Falls released their fourth studio album “Protagonist” from Oslo on the 9th of December.

Temperature Falls formed as a duo when vocalist & lyricist Camilla met up with producer Ian J. Ward back in 2018. Only a year later did they release their first album together in 2019, after they felt a musical connection with each other. Three years later, we got “Protagonist”, an album that blurs lines between a vast range of electronic styles.

“Protagonist” is a ten-track electronic album with tons of character and a very appealing sound of its own. Each track is inspired and driven by different elements from old-school and contemporary electronic genres, and every one of the ten tracks on the album has something different to offer.

“Please Don’t Go” is an alternative, dramatic, and a story-driven song about romantic love and painful breakups. The music is slow and ominous. You can tell that something is about to go wrong from the start of the song, and it grabs your attention by not telling you what’s about to happen, especially if you watch the dark and beautifully shot music video.

“Run Away” is a spacious track that has to be listened to with headphones to be appreciated properly, with elements being stereo-panned left and right creating a deep sense of space. Also, Camilla’s vocal technique is very impressive on this record, as she constantly changes her style to suit each section of the song.

“Reach” mixes industrial and mechanical sounds with electronic and organic textures to create a heavy, impactful, and rich soundscape. The vocals and instrumentation trade off the frequency spectrum through filters which is a very interesting production technique that shifts attention between each of them.

“Survivor” is a track that’s a bit on the experimental side, and it’s weirdly melodic as well. The melodies are hypnotic and catchy, and Ian plays around with arpeggiators and off-rhythms to make a trippy sound design, sort of like retro game music on psychedelics.

The rest of the tracks on “Protagonist”, from the contemporary and cinematic “Hide”, the anthemic “Lab Rat”, the emotional and melancholic “Moment of Loneliness”, to the uplifting energy of “I Am Different” and dynamically evolving, boom bap inspired “Fight” all have a life of their own and are definitely worth listening to. You’ll find a song just for you on “Protagonist” guaranteed!

Influences from boom bap, rock, synth wave, techno, and so many other genres can be heard all throughout Temperature Falls’ album “Protagonist”, and this diversity of musical inspiration, coupled with the duo’s unique interpretation of elements and genre conventions take each second on this album to the boundaries of electronic music. Just how much further are Temperature Falls willing to push these boundaries? We’ll see as they release their fresh music out into the wild.



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