Fire Party by Jessenation


A new contender has entered the stage, Chicago based afrobeat artist Jesse Emeghara, A.K.A Jessenation releases his debut single “Fire Party”…a dynamic dance floor afrobeat infused experience that is also very high in musicality.

The beat is one that moves you instantly, from the very first seconds it does exactly that…with a super catchy guitar rhythm, and Jesse’s unique cadence and vocal flow, you can’t go wrong here.

“Fire Party” does something that is pretty unusual, it’s music is super catchy and extremely melodic…it’s not focusing just on the beats and the power of the beat…well, it does have a pretty dancy beat that is perfect for the dance floor, but the song also has great musicality to it.

…then you’ve got Jesse’s vocals, even the vocals have dance in their DNA…it super melodic, catchy and could also be described as anthemic, it’s the kind of vocal line that you feel you want to sing along…and imagine, with a full packed dance floor, or a full packed venue and that happens and people start singing along…it’s anthemic!

I personally like the fact that no one element in “Fire Party” is the main focus, all the elements are balanced, chill and laid back…


If you like to chill dance, you have to check Jessenation’s “Fire Party” for an instantly great musical mood.

Wishing all the best to Jessenation, can’t wait for more of what he’s doing, great stuff.



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