Hey Boy by Michael Isaak


Creating a dreamy indie folk musical concoction with excellent storytelling is what LA artist Michael Isaak is doing with his single “Hey Boy”…it encapsulates all the great things that Michael is doing with his music…and is a sonic treat to almost anyone who listens to music, whether as fans or even casual listeners.

Michael achives this unity through excellent musicality and masterfully crafted lyrical storytelling…which brings me to the topic of “Hey Boy”…

This song was written as a love letter to the artist’s young self and tells his story…

…and here, Michael wants to tell the world something, actually to teach the world the power of self-love, something I feel many people have completely forgotten about…you can see it in people’s attitude that have led to a sense of failure and hopelessness…which might not be true, but it all stems from the same root, the inability to love one’s self.

This message comes clearly through excellent musicality, with dreamy folk guitar rhythms and super smooth vocals that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud and with your walkman’s headphone on…

…and speaking of storytelling, you’ll hear some audio snippets across the song, it’s like there are children playing in the background…this adds a layer of excellent storytelling, making us feel like the artist is looking back at his young self, seeing how much he was feeling love and happiness…and says to him “Hey boy, I love you”.

An excellent lyrical and musical experience that is not to be missed.

Wishing Michael all the best, can’t wait to hear more of his musical stories, simply brilliant.


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